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Hot Spots

The Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives today. Whether we use the Internet for work or leisure, it has proved itself essential to many of us.

We’re all familiar with wired Internet connections; we’re also all too familiar with the hassle of wired connections. Not only do wired connections add to the confusion of cables associated with our computer set-ups, but they also lack mobility.

Wireless Internet access (also known as Wi-Fi) overcomes the problems we associate with getting online. Gone are the days of slow dial-up connections, busy signals, searching for data points, and trailing restrictive cables.

Wireless Internet access is fast, reliable, and convenient, allowing users to connect instantly with ease, and minus the wires. Wi-Fi technology has expanded the boundaries of Internet connectivity by offering a truly mobile solution – Welcome to the world of wireless Internet!

You can now experience wireless Internet access for yourself with TheWayOut Hot Spot. Check your e-mail, surf the net, or finish a report for work or school at all the following locations (new hot spots are contstantly being added. Be sure to check again soon!):

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 Down Temporarily Last Update 29-06-2005.

Hot Spot Name Address
6th October
Cilantro Diamond Mall, in front of Misr University
Hyber One Mall El Sheikh Zayed
Chilis Palestine St., Sheraton El Montazah
Cilantro Carrefour, Alexandria City Center
Cilantro 1 Kafr Abdo St., Roushdi
La Poire 19 Victor Emanuel Sq.
Trianon Hilton Green Plaza, Semouha
Trio (Coffee Roastery) 48 Fouad St.
Cairo Alexandria Desert Road
Peace 1 Abou Zeid 5KM Cairo Alexandria Desert Road
Peace 2 Abou Zeid 13KM Cairo Alexandria Desert Road
Café Caprice 8 Amman Sq.
Coffee Roastery 46 Shooting Club St.
Giordano's 14 Soliman Abaza St.
La Poire Shooting Club
Lipstick 6 El Thawra St.
Down Town
Arcadia Mall Corniche El Nil St.
Beano's Café Bab el Louk
Cilantro 31 Mohamed Mahmoud St., Opposite AUC
Trianon Arcadia Mall, Corniche El Nil St.
Casino 1 Nile St., In front of El Kharegeya El Kadima
Alain Le Notre 93 Merghany St.
Beano's 15 Baghdad St., Korba
Bistro Provence 58 El Thawra St.
Bravo Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Brazelio Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Chilis 18 El Thawra St.
Cilantro 4 Ibrahim St. Heliopolis Sq.
Cilantro 87 Merghany St.
Coffee Roastery 5 Samir Mokhtar St., Off Nabil El Wakkad St.
Coresty Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Doff Café 96 Omar Ibn Khattab St.
Drama Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Fakhr El Din Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
India Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Johnny Carino's 93 Merghany St.
Khulkhal Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Le Bateau 22A Ramsis St. Off Baghdad St.
Manhattan Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Pottery Café 4 Mohamed Bayoumy St., Ard El Golf
Pronto Café 18 El Maahad El Eshteraky St.
Rumors Café 14 Nakhla El Moteey St.
Tres Bon 14 Granada St.
Abou El Sid 45 Road 7
Beau Jardin / Siciliana 23 Misr Helwan Rd.
Chilis Bandar Mall, 1 Palestine St.
Cilantro 17 Road 216, Degla
Cilantro 90 Road 9
Cilantro Maadi City Center (Carrefour)
Coffee Roastery Residence Hotel, 11 Road 18
Cuba Cabana 28 Road 7
Dadyus Café 45 Road 9
Fish Boat Abou Zeid Corniche El Nil St.
Le Café New Maadi
Scores 17 Road 213, Off Road 231, Degla
Alain Le Notre 29 Gameat El Dowal Al Arabia St.
bFly 3 Othman Ibn Affan St., Off Gezirat El Arab St.
Bull's Eye 32 Jeddah St.
Chilis 2 El Fawakeh St.
Cornetto 23 El Mahrouky St., Off Aswan Sq.
Inch Cafe 19 Geziret El Arab
Jar Elkamar 52 Michel Bakhoum St.
Karen's Coffee 27 26 July St., Lebanon Sq.
La Pietra 34 El Hegaz St.
Maroush 64 Lebanon Sq.
Mint 30 Gezirat El Arab St.
Moods 5 El Zouhour St.
Pasqua 57 Lebanon St.
Phillies 34 Soliman Abaza St.
Prestige Restaurant & Café 43 Geziret El Arab
Retro 2 Soliman Abaza St.
Royal Bakery Café 33 Mohie El Din Abou El Ezz
Safari's Club 19 El Yemen St. Off Lebanon St.
Sports Café 2A Dr. El Mahrouky St.
The Bakery (Marriott) 55 Gameat El Dowal St.
Tia Maria 32 Jeddah St.
Trianon 17 & 18 Gameat El Dowal St.
Yacht Club 121 Nile St.
Nasr City
Da Vinci 33 Mostafa El Nahhas St.
Espresso Café 44 Abdel Razik El Sanhoury St.
Gelateria Roma 13 Saudi Buildings Nozha St.
Giordano's 9 Saudi Buildings Nozha St.
Jeans Café 12 El Saudi Co. Trading
Karaokee Café 18 Mostafa El Nahhas St.
Le Café 8 Anwar El Mofty St.
Le Café 14 Anwar El Mofty St.
Matrix Café 19 Hasanein Heikal St., Off Abbass El Akkad St.
Media Café 32 Ateya El Sawalhy
My Day Café 35 Ahmed Fakhry Str
Storia Café 104 Abbas El Akkad st.
Sunday's Café Abd El Hamid Lotfy St., end of Makram Ebeid St., Sally Mall
Time Out 9 Saudi Buildings Nozha St.
Alain Le Notre Nile City Boat
Beano's 8 El Marasafy Sq.
Bistro Provence Nile City Boat
Café Tabasco 18B El Maraashly St.
Chilis Nile City Boat
Cilantro 157 26th of July St.
El Sawy Cultural Wheel End of the 26th July St., Under the Bridge
Euro Deli 22A Dr. Taha Hussein St.
Five Bill's Restaurant 9 El Adel Abou Bakr St.
Insomnia Snack Bar 110 26th of July St.
Johnny Carino's Nile City Boat
La Bodega 157 26th of July St.
Le Pacha 1901 Saray El Gezirah St.
La Poire Al-Ahly Club
No Big Deal Café 1A El Sayed El Bakry St.
Orangette 2 Hassan Sabri St.
Seafood Market Nile City Boat
Studio Misr Nile City Boat
WayOut Sushi 17B Mohamed Mazhar St.
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