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Wi-Fi – a mobile solution for a mobile lifestyle!
TheWayOut Hot Spot service is now available in more than 200 locations in Cairo! Sacrificing your favorite cup of coffee to spend an extra hour connected at the office or at home is a thing of the past. Break free from the wires and go wireless.

Innovations in the field of global communications appear daily. The world is becoming a smaller place as these innovations allow you to be anywhere in the world without leaving your home. The vitality of the Internet is becoming quite apparent to corporations as well as individuals. With the presence of many service providers in the market, choosing a specific service provider may be difficult without knowing all the facts. While it is quite facile to provide Internet, it is equally difficult to provide Internet solutions. The ability to help our clients make full use of the potentials of the Internet is what sets TheWayOut apart.

Permanent Internet Connectivity:
Leased lines give you a permanent physical connection directly to the Internet cloud, which allows all the machines on your LAN to have full access to Internet applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • 24-hour connection.
  • Unlimited number of computers to be connected.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Unlimited number of e-mail boxes.
  • Flexibility to host your own Web site.

Why TheWayOut?

  • Experience:
    TheWayOut prides itself on being the market leader in leased line clients. The level and quality of service was set by the multinational corporations, which TheWayOut took on as clients since its early days. After a relatively long time in the business, TheWayOut has developed a service which it considers standard, and which other ISP’s define as quality service. As part of its solution oriented service, TheWayOut offers leased lines with speed ranges from 28.8 Kbps analog lines up to 1MB DDN. Needless to mention, TheWayOut guarantees these speeds to its clients. Depending on the best hardware available, as well as a professionally trained team of network engineers, TheWayOut provides a service and support which is unmatched in the business.
  • High Security:
    Since TheWayOut only deal with corporate customers, we are able to guarantee maximum protection from hacking problems. The security risk of our clients is at a minimum, with the latest in firewall technology being used to guarantee this. Constant monitoring of all network activity at our Control Center detects any suspicious activities, and our technical team is trained and ready to respond to any threats that might arise.
  • Reliability:
    TheWayOut has one of the most advanced network setups at its Control Center. Redundant servers, UPS with backup generators and disk mirrors are just examples of the precautions we have taken against computer failure. Moreover, “hot-backup” leased lines can be installed between TheWayOut and the customer, to be activated automatically whenever a disruptive condition causes the main line to disconnect. This provides a seamless connection, making any line noise transparent to the customer. These measures were taken to provide maximum reliability of our service, with an up time of 99%.
  • Support:
    Our clients have access to 24-hour support from our support staff. If any question or problem cannot be solved over our special hot lines, a representative will be dispatched to the customer site. Close coordination with the Control Center administrators leads to quicker problem resolution. If a problem persists, or re-appears, it will be escalated to our Network Manager, who will be responsible for assigning more resources as needed.
  • Speed & Redundancy:
    TheWayOut has multiple links directly connected to the Internet backbone in the United States. With such connectivity a company can reap the benefits of fully utilizing the different features of a speedy connection simultaneously without worrying about the effects on the speed of the link. Furthermore, using the latest technology in routing the Internet traffic TheWayOut guarantees fully redundant Internet connectivity.

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