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TheWayOut Hot Spot service is now available in more than 200 locations in Cairo! Sacrificing your favorite cup of coffee to spend an extra hour connected at the office or at home is a thing of the past. Break free from the wires and go wireless.

Go Wireless @ Cilantro with TheWayOut Hot Spot

Cairo, June 16, 2004 – The Wi-Fi revolution has finally kicked off in Egypt, with Cilantro hosting the first WayOut hot spot in the country.

Cilantro, Egypt’s most popular chain of specialty coffee shops, has joined forces with TheWayOut, the country’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP), to bring the public wireless Internet starting on June 23rd, 2004.

The partnership between these two recognized companies will make Cilantro the first Egyptian coffee shop chain to provide wireless high-speed Internet access (Wi-Fi) as a convenient service for its guests who can now surf while they sip or snack.

“Cilantro is always trying to provide its guests with the latest in practical and convenient services. We believe that (Wi-Fi) hot spots are destined to be as common and important in coffee shops in the future as newspapers were in the past and are therefore very pleased to be cooperating with TheWayOut to be the first to provide this service on a large scale in Egypt,” said Maher Maksoud, Cilantro’s Chief Executive Officer.

Wi-Fi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity, is a revolutionary Internet technology that allows consumers to connect to the Internet without the use of a wire. With Wi-Fi, consumers no longer have to worry about slow dial-up connections, busy signals or long cable wires that are more irritating than helpful. Instead, a wireless Internet connection is a fast and convenient solution. The wireless aspect of this technology makes it possible for users to connect to the net from virtually anywhere, as long as they are within the range of an access point.

“Wireless Internet is the future of Internet connectivity. TheWayOut pioneered this service in Egypt and has successfully expanded regionally. Cilantro, Egypt’s leading chain of coffee shops has recognized TheWayOut’s superiority within the field of wireless Internet connections by choosing to host the first hot spots in Egypt in partnership with TheWayOut. Cilantro guests will now be able to enjoy fast, reliable and convenient Internet access, backed by TheWayOut’s trusted expertise,” said Tamer Sayed Ahmed, TheWayOut’s Chairman of the Board.

A truly advanced way to connect to the Internet, Wi-Fi is the modern solution to Internet connectivity, and Cilantro is bringing it directly to its guests.

About Cilantro

Cilantro was founded in 1998 as part of Delicious Inc, S.A.E. With over nine locations throughout Cairo and Alexandria, and two new openings in the near future, Cilantro has grown to become the leading coffee chain in the nation. Furthermore, a competent and highly trained staff of over 300 employees allows Cilantro to provide a fast and efficient service and constitute a solid base for future growth. Delicious Inc. has won many prestigious awards, including the Gold Category Award, Business Initiative Directions in Madrid, Spain, in 2002. They are also members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

About TheWayOut

TheWayOut was established as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 1995, specializing in Internet connectivity. In 2003 TheWayOut launched the latest in cutting-edge Internet technology: Wireless High-Speed Internet Access (Wi-Fi) - taking Internet connectivity to new frontiers. TheWayOut is currently the sole wireless ISP for the hotel industry in Egypt, and has the majority market share of local hot spots. With a mission to always provide superior service and revolutionary technology, the company has emerged to become the leading player in the market, serving an extensive number of local and regional businesses.

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