Leased Line


Leased lines give you a permanent physical connection directly to the Internet cloud, which allows all the machines on your LAN to have full access to Internet applications.


  • 24-hour connection.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Corporate level Support
  • Symmetric Traffic
  • Dedicated BW with CIR 1:1
  • More IP Addresses assigned
  • Whitelisted IP Addresses

  • High Security
  • Experience
  • Redundancy
  • Reliability
  • Support

  • HSIA


    TheWayOut offers three types of technologies to ensure the complete coverage of the property with different types of constructions and paths. TheWayOut offers Wired connection for business users who must use it for security reasons. TheWayOut offers wireless coverage using the latest technology of Access Points (standalone, On-site controller and web based controller). TheWayOut offers wireless and wired coverage using the analog telephone lines in the property, saving time and efforts with reliable solution through DSLAM. TheWayOut design and implements the Network in a way to be able to control BW per guest/location/.... etc.


    TheWayOut uses its own system controlling the traffic from the property to the Internet with countless features which was developed through the history of TheWayout offering the HISA for the hospitality sector since 2003. The gateway is having a fully customizable captive portal to match all the needs of the customers. The gateway supports most known VPN protocls for smooth opertation with Corporate environment. The gateway Integrates with Macros Fidelio PMS with two ways communications for hotels and resorts implementation. The gateway supports Tagged VLANs for network segmentation. The gateway supports Authentication with PIN codes, Guest info, Email and personal info and User/Pass. The gateway supports dynamic BW dedication per PIN, static BW dedication per MAC and IP Address.


  • Revenue share with minimum guaranteed per month fees
  • Lease for purchase
  • Purchasing the system
  • Please contact our sales team for more details.



    Guest services
    Ability to offer, should the hotel desire, digital on-line guest services via the TV, including:
    Links to the hotel’s on-line room reservations site.
    On-line scheduling for hotel services & local events.
    On-line room service menu review and ordering.
    Room folio display & express checkout.
    On-line guest survey & feedback.

    HD TV Channels
    Ability to offer HD channels trasnmitted through the IP network to guarantee the best qaulity to all property nodes. The system supports FTA and encrypted channles, with the option to see the EPG and set a time to record your favorite program.

    Digital Signage
    In a multimedia world it is essential to communicate in an innovative manner. By using a Digital Signage software solution from TheWayOut, allowing you to combine videos with imagery, text, music and live television, you can create a thoroughly modern, sleek and cost effective communication platform.

    Media Management Tool
    WayOut will allow you to keep your guests informed, while easing the workload and management time of the hotel staff. WayOut will allow hotel management to:
  • Send real-time or scheduled messages to the guest in their room<\li>
  • Modify property content and information
  • View real-time billing reports
  • View and/or alter guest on-line survey reports & guest feedback
  • Check and set room parameters
  • Update pricing lists for hotel menu items
  • hardware

    TV sets
    TheWayOut is offering the best brands in the market to its customers satisfying their needs with the appropriate screen sizes. The Client can choose the Smart TV with built-in STB to reduce the cost.

    TheWayOut is offering two types of STBs in its solutions, the most popular Amino STB and the cost effective Android STB with its countless features base on the Android system running on it.

    Sattelite Farm
    TheWayOut is offering all satellites covering the region, upon the client request

    Head End Servers
    TheWayOut is offering the most reliable head end servers with the latest DVB cards and the most secure OS and drivers with the ability to administrate the system in an easy, interactive way.

    TheWayOut is offering the appropriate network infrastructure with all passive and active components to deliver the HD experience to all the nodes with full monitoring and administration for the network components.


    Access the solutions that advance your business
    By delivering more of what your guests demand, the WayOut suite of services deliver more of what you demand to differentiate your property and to stay ahead in today’s challenging hospitality marketplace.

    Reduce Administrative Expenses
    Our system’s unique capabilities free your staff for more revenue-generating tasks. In addition, you can reduce many administrative costs by automating room management services including room charge review and checkout, and on-line surveys and suggestion forms.

    Realize External Revenue Opportunities
    Our suite of services also offers you new and effective ways to increase revenue through on-screen advertising, special promotions and e-commerce retail sales. For example, key strategic alliances or local attractions can be encouraged to advertise or sell tours on your system as a means of further increasing revenues.

    Enhance Your Brand Via Customization
    Every time guests turn on their television sets, our system will strengthen your brand positioning, define the unique value you deliver, and ultimately support your efforts to increase customer loyalty.

    Better Prepare For The Future
    Our interactive media platform uses only standard operating systems, protocols, and guest interface software, keeping the Interactive Media system open, flexible, and easily programmed. This allows for custom tailoring of presentation and operating software using standard software development tools and provides maximum flexibility for the future.

    IP Telephony

    IPPBX features

    TheWayOut offers the latest technology of VOIP based on the well known Opensource IPPBX, Astersik. By having such a service from TheWayout, you will get the following:

  • Complete replacement of the Legacy PBX
  • Lower operational cost
  • Easy configuration and administration
  • Easy to relocate phones
  • Uses the date infrastructure
  • Simplicity of connecting branches
  • Supports roaming users
  • Simple IVR implementation with high flexibility
  • Supports VOICE Mail
  • Supports grouping of extensions
  • Recording of Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Control of outbound calls with PIN codes
  • Routing outside calls per destination saving cost
  • Rapid deployment with minimum down time
  • Supports wide range of phone sets
  • Implementation can use soft phones
  • system components

    IPPBX Server with complete configuration and installation
    Outside lines Interface for Mobile and landlines
    Network infrastructure in case no data network exists.
    IP Phone sets with different prices to match the needs of the customer.


  • Revenue share with minimum guaranteed per month fees
  • Lease for purchase
  • Purchasing the system
  • Please contact our sales team for more details.


    TheWayOut offers the service of connecting your branches/offices through local loops without the need of Internet connection. This reduces the cost of having Internet connectivity in each branch, keeping the stability and permanent physical connection between them. This is done through TheWayOut network to ensure security and availability.