TheWayout utilizes its experience in the opensource field to present a cost effective modular firewall with the following features:

  • Based on secure Linux OS for better performance and security
  • Integrated with Proxy server for brwosing control and reporting
  • Integrated with QoS system for BW control
  • Built-in DHCP server
  • Real-Time monitoring tools
  • Integrated with WebServer
  • Integrated with Backup system for the company sensitive files through the network
  • Free command-lind AntiVirus
  • Benefits

  • Network protection
  • Control Employees traffic based on source/destination IP Addresses.
  • IP Address assignment based on MAC Addresses.
  • BW allocation per IP Address for fair usage.
  • Enhancing the browsing experience. Faster response for cached sites.
  • Control Browsing per user based on (IP/MAC/User and Pass/Time/Sites/....)
  • Logging for all users browsing activities.
  • Hosting websites for the internal use or company website.
  • Centralized Backup for all companies important data.
  • Virus scan for selected folders in the network.

  • Lease for purchase
  • Purchasing the system
  • Please contact our sales team for more details.

    HSIA Gateway


  • Firewall, DHCP and DNS servers
  • Dynamic QoS by PIN
  • Radius Server
  • Accounting Server
  • Authentication Server
  • Fully customizable Captive Portal
  • Radius Client
  • Syslog Server
  • VPN Server
  • Authentication & Accounting

  • PIN codes in groups to set different properties to them
  • Adjustable Idle Time out value
  • Adjustable number of concurrent sessions per code.
  • Different types of codes (Relative and Cumulativea)
  • Source IP control for codes to restirct codes to specific areas
  • Username and Password
  • login by submitting data by users (Email, Mobile, ...etc)
  • Ability to generate reports for codes usage
  • Ability to search by code showing time of use with MAC Address and IP Address
  • Ability to Integrate with Hotel PMS (Micros fidelio) or any PMS running using the FIAS protocol
  • Authentication with guest info and posting the charges on the room invoice

  • Lease for purchase
  • Purchasing the system
  • Please contact our sales team for more details.

    Video Conference

    TheWayOut offers a cost effective solution for Video Conference with HD quality based on opensource products reducing the cost to one tenth of the cost of average Video conferencing devices. The system works on Wireless and Wired networks with the minimum needed BW, thanks to the compression technologies provided by the used software. The system can be used with normal mobile devices using any compatible SIP client.

    Network Infrastructure

    TheWayOut provides solutions for your Netowrk, whatever your needs are. Backed up with its long experience in different environment, TheWayOut provides the best solutions with the most suitable cost to satisfy its customers. The network covered by TheWayOut varies between Wired Ethernet (CAT6 cables), Fiber cables, Wireless on 2.4GHz and Wireless on 5GHz. TheWayOut offers the passive and active components needed for the network. This includes and not limited to Switches, Access Points, Controllers and Servers.


    Whenever you feel that you need someone to give you a hand in your network, TheWayOut comes with its experience to give you the needed help with the fastest support with the most convinient price to solve your problem and resume your service as soon as possible. TheWayOut also helps you to plan and design your network with the latest technologies for the best results and performance. TheWayOut is committed to offer the best advice to its clients to guarantee the service quality.